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1. Do you still live where you grew up or did you move (if so, why)? 

One could interpret this question many different ways so I will simply explain myself. Do I live in the TOWN I grew up in? No. Why? Because it’s a very small town in which my family has a lot of history and know far too many people and I really don’t like to be constantly recognized. I only go back to see the veterinarian that we’ve been going to forever or for the 4th of July because it’s one of the last towns where you can actually do whatever the hell you want fireworks wise except for bottlenecks (‘cause illegal in the State of Washington). I really liked growing up there because it was just the right mix of cultured intelligent people and small town types. I really got the best of both worlds. I understand farming communities and small town business (my parents owned one!) but we were close enough to the city that we had major sports teams and Broadway show tours and great concerts and bookstores and really everything. I grew up in a town where country music is listened to 24/7 and it’s perfectly acceptable to wear Carhartt everywhere and where monster trucks are a thing but I also lived in a county that has voted for legalized gay marriage, legalizing marijuana and is always very liberal. I do now live 20-30 minutes away from that town but it feels like a completely different world and I very rarely run into people from my old life. My childhood wasn’t very happy with my parents and my mom’s alcoholism. I really hate talking about anything from that old life and that’s why I hate seeing people from my hometown. It’s a completely different atmosphere here and I really never want to go back. 

2. What are your top three pet peeves?

Number one: Unnecessary apostrophes.  Number two: Scraping the fucking bottom of your yogurt cup during a work meeting. There’s no fucking yogurt left in there. You’re just being fucking loud and you’re little fucking bites and your lip smacking are literally the worst things in the world stop. Number three: Inside out hoods/clothing tags sticking out. 

3.  If you could put a festival together, what would your dream line-up be?

Day 1.
Mariana’s Trench. 
Fight Fair.
Forever the Sickest Kids.
Fall Out Boy.
We Are In The Crowd.
We The Kings.
Panic! At The Disco.
Eve 6.
The Higher.

Day 2.
Kate Nash.
Kaiser Chiefs.
Two Door Cinema Club.
The Killers.
The Joy Formidable.
The Go! Team.
Passion Pit.
Walk the Moon.
Cage The Elephant.
The Films. 

Day 3. 
Nick Swardson.
The Whitest Kids U’Know.
Jack Whitehall.
Aziz Ansari. 
Donald Glover.
Chiddy Bang.
Lupe Fiasco.

Day 4. 
Kid Cudi. 
Rita Ora. 
One Direction.
Jessie J.
Gym Class Heroes.
Olly Murs. 

Day 5. 
Carrie Underwood.
Miranda Lambert. 
Hunter Hayes.
Jace Everett. 

Day 6. 
Motion City Soundtrack.
Ed Sheeran.
Mat Kearney.
Carolina Liar.
The Civil Wars.
Man Down Medic.
Mumford & Sons.
Noah Gunderson.
The Temper Trap.
The Lumineers.  
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes.  

Day 7. 
Dropkick Murphys.
A Day to Remember.
Green Day.   
12 Stones.
Framing Hanley.
The Sunstreak. 
The Strokes.  
Taking Back Sunday. 
Straylight Run.  

4. Your favorite place to go when you need to calm down?

Driving or walking. Getting away from the thing that’s making me anxious. Preferably at night with a full battery on my iPod.  

5. Something you really like about yourself?

I was trying really hard to think of something for this and I absolutely couldn’t find anything about ME that I like. I kept thing about possessions, like I have really nice perfume and I have a really nice car and I really like my glasses and I came to the conclusion that probably my taste in things, however varied, is probably the only thing I really like about myself.

6. Best vacation you’ve ever had/best place you’ve ever been to?

Best vacation I’ve ever had would probably be whenever I go to New York with my dad. My dad and I really like to do our own thing during the day so it gives me the freedom to explore and not look like a tourist and walking around New York and taking the subway are just two things that feel so natural and comforting to me that I just instantly feel like I’m at home when I’m there. Then my dad and I meet up at night and go to dinner and shows it’s just so wonderful and we get to spend really quality time together without getting sick of each other. Best place I’ve ever been to though is hands down Melbourne. Forever and always. One day I’ll call you home. <3

7. What are things you’re looking for in a perfect book/story?

Imperfection with strong self-awareness. My favorite books are Christopher Krovatin’s young adult novels Heavy Metal and You and Venomous. They are about boys who are so passionate that it comes out sometimes in cruel and sick ways which cause intense self-awareness and hatred which is the only rational arch to move towards resolution and it just means so much to me that I love whenever I can feel like I’m not alone. 

8. Where would you take me to dinner and what would we order?

Dick’s. Dick’s Deluxe with fries and shakes.

9. Are you an amusement park person?

Depends on the amusement park. Am I a SeaWorld person? Absolutely not. Am I a SixFlags person? Nope. Not happening. AM I DISNEYLAND PERSON? I DON’T KNOW DO YOU BREATHE AIR?

10. Your favorite female and male vocalists?

Female would definitely have to be Kate Nash and male would have to be Ed Sheeran at the moment.

11. Bath or shower?

Bath if I can actually find a bathtub big enough but I’ve never been able to afford one of those houses.

12. What languages do you speak/What languages would you like to speak?

I only speak English ‘cause ya know, terrible American public education focus on languages. I took Spanish in Kindergarden but forgot everything. Working in a heavily hispanic town gave me the ability to order food (especially BBQ) in Spanish, and I took 3 years of high school German. Which I skated through because my teacher loved me so much and she knew how shitty my life was so she really didn’t make me learn anything. I would like to learn it again though with actual focus. I would also love to be able to speak Russian. I have always had co-workers who were fluent in Russian and there are just so many people in our area who are Russian and I think it would be a great skill.  


1. What is the film that you believe defines you?
2. What are five albums you can listen to from start to finish?
3. Do you believe organized sports help or hurt society?
4. How would you define your personal style?
5. Yes to Aaron Sorkin or no to Aaron Sorkin?
6. Do you believe it’s important to have a well decorated home?
7. Do you believe you have an addictions?
8. Do you wear make-up on the daily? Why or why not?
9. Do you keep a journal?
10. Do you believe in newspaper journalism?
11. Favorite artistic medium.
12. Pants or dresses?  

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